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Thursday, September 14, 2006


Today is Harvey's birthday. And, like a good son, I forgot to get him a gift. So, let's see what I can dig up. OH! I know! First, something that isn't part of the theme, but just a gift I think my blogfather would like, The Alphabet of Manliness. Written by Maddox, the epitome of manliness, this sacred bible contains everything there is to know about being a man: Kicking asses, beef jerky, pirates, urinal etiquette, hot sauce, metal music, and Chuck Norris.

Now, about this theme of being "blue". Hmm, well, I GOT IT!!!! The word "blue" starts with the letter "B", so how about Confessions of a B-Movie Actor by "B"ruce Campbell? IT'S PERFECT!

Happy birthday, Harvey. I hope that this year will be (insert something corny and inspirational here)!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rhode Island, what the hell is wrong with you?

Okay, can someone please explain to me why Republicans voted for Lincoln Chafee in the primaries? When has this guy ever been Republican? The answer: HE HASN'T! What kind of poorly informed Republicans voted for this guy?! I mean, sure his opponent had a funny name, but so what? Bush has a funny name, and he became President!

The Zwitter Challenge

Hey kids! Here's a fun new game for you to play. Go to iTunes, download the song Zwitter by Rammstein, listen to it, and play it for your wife (or husband), and then play it for all your friends. The catch? You cannot look up the lyrics, or even the meaning of the word "zwitter" until after you've played it for everyone, and you've told them how to spell "zwitter" and tell them to go look it up themselves. Think you can do it?


Update: Welcome Bad Example readers!

You know,

if they'd just kept their big mouths shut, I'd never know that Borat even existed. I'd also not know that he's really funny, and thus wouldn't be promoting him on my blog like this. Granted nobody reads my crap, so maybe the glorious nation of Kazakstan will be safe.


Don't you hate it when you have something going on, then something comes up and you forget about what you had going on? Yeah, that happened.