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Thursday, September 14, 2006


Today is Harvey's birthday. And, like a good son, I forgot to get him a gift. So, let's see what I can dig up. OH! I know! First, something that isn't part of the theme, but just a gift I think my blogfather would like, The Alphabet of Manliness. Written by Maddox, the epitome of manliness, this sacred bible contains everything there is to know about being a man: Kicking asses, beef jerky, pirates, urinal etiquette, hot sauce, metal music, and Chuck Norris.

Now, about this theme of being "blue". Hmm, well, I GOT IT!!!! The word "blue" starts with the letter "B", so how about Confessions of a B-Movie Actor by "B"ruce Campbell? IT'S PERFECT!

Happy birthday, Harvey. I hope that this year will be (insert something corny and inspirational here)!


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